Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December wrap-up

The end of this month was full of travel, family, and friends, so it has taken me awhile to get around to uploading pictures! It was lots of fun and our hearts are full to lead us into the sometimes dreary winter months.

Eleanor has been reading lots of Christmas-themed books this month. She has started pulling all her books off her shelf into various corners of the house and sits flipping through pages. I love that she is a reader already!

We went to the Christmas concert at church this year, which was wonderful. We skipped it last year because we needed to create some margin in our lives this time last year, but we were glad to go again this year.

We have started putting pigtails in Eleanor's hair. It is super cute :)

Our neighborhood had a cookies and hot chocolate party in the park this month. We walked over and had a great time. There were tons of kids there and it is always fun to get to know the neighbors a little better.

Eleanor has gotten very interested in checking the mail. Chris takes her out to the mailbox when they get home from work/school and the other day she went out on the front porch and wouldn't come back inside because she wanted to go out and check the mail.

Basketball season is back in full swing, so we've been going to lots of games recently.

We've also been enjoying the Christmas ambiance in our house. Sadly this week we packed up all the Christmas decorations, but I loved them while they were up. Eleanor's favorite Christmas decoration is the advent calendar which we let her add the piece to every day. She'll run over to the wall under it and point until we help her attach a piece.

One day this month I went outside to run an errand and found that our car tire looked like this. Needless to say we had to replace it along with another. Huge bummer.

We've started having Eleanor brush her teeth every night and she loves it. She mostly just sucks on the toothbrush and waves the handle around while she sucks on it, but it's a start.

We also got Eleanor a potty, She likes to stand in it, and we don't play to start potty training any time soon (diapers are very convenient when you are driving long distances in the car or are in line at Target!) but we are ready when we have to.

Chris' sisters came down to visit before Christmas and we hung out and played cards. The walked around CW while I was working and sadly I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked!

Eleanor is still obsessed with Maynard. She carries him around, shares her food, bottle, cup, etc. with him. We ended up bringing him home with us for Christmas because I wasn't sure she could go four days without him! She is also enjoying the puzzles she got for Christmas this year - lots of toys for this girl!

And just for fun, here's a super cute picture of Eleanor in a hat Chris got for Christmas :)

So goodbye December, goodbye 2014!


Dorothy said...

What a wonderful month. The video is so cute! Love your blog and your beautiful family!

Patty said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures!! We miss her! she is adorable!