Monday, February 9, 2015


Ever since I took Eleanor shoe shopping, she has been obsessed with shoes, particularly mine. Every time I pull out a pair of shoes, she wants to wear them around the house. It's kind of cute, she will shuffle around in them until her feet fall out and she says, "uh oh." I think it's because I made her try on so many pairs of shoes and walk around in the store. The thing is, she's different sizes in different brands of shoes, so I have a general idea of what fits her, but I bought her one size in one brand and ended up having to take them back to exchange because they were way too big for her.

Anyway, she's pretty cute and is getting funnier and funnier in the little things she sets her mind to - for example, she wants Maynard (her doll) to wear shoes all the time now. She also thinks it's absolutely hilarious for Maynard to play basketball. Her requests get stranger every day.


Dorothy said...

The shuffling shoes, so cute!

maggie said...

this is so cute! I try to put shoes on Stella sometimes but she always, always takes them off and eats them :)

Patty said...

She looks so grown up in that cute outfit!!