Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Congratulations Rob & Joanna

Saturday that we were out in Oregon was the wedding. Chris was his brother's best man and Eleanor was the flower girl. Chris ended up walking Eleanor most of the way down the aisle during the ceremony itself. During the ceremony, Eleanor watched with me from a pew. About 10 minutes in, she started pointing to Chris and shouting "dada" and then pointing to me and shouting "mama" and then pointing to herself, in turn, shouting "El know." I ended up putting headphones on her during the rest of the ceremony so she could watch a movie and be less disturbing :)

Between the ceremony and the rehearsal, we had several hours. We ended up heading back to our place for a bit and Eleanor took an afternoon nap in the car.

The happy couple at their reception having their first dance:

The reception took place along the Deschutes River and there were gorgeous views outside. We took a few family pictures, of course.

Eleanor then went inside to demand dinner by banging her silverware on the table.

She ate lots, but particularly enjoyed the chocolate cupcake she had for dessert. I know the lighting is bad in this picture, but that is chocolate covering her entire face from chin to forehead.

There was also lots of dancing at the reception. The DJ even played the Sesame Street song for Eleanor, as well as "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, her current favorite.

After dancing, Eleanor faded fast. We took her outside to relax and enjoy the river at night and then she ended up falling asleep on Chris until we ended up leaving.

Overall a great wedding that we were thrilled to be a part of. Welcome, Joanna, to the family - we are so glad you are officially a part of it now. And congratulations to Rob & Joanna!


Dorothy said...

What a beautiful location and celebrations. Congratulations to Joanna and Rob!! Eleanor was adorable walking down the isle.

Patty said...
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Patty said...

Such incredible memories and what a perfect little flower girl! (I never saw her with the chocolate all over her face!) She is a girl after my own heart!

maggie said...

Such a beautiful wedding - congrats to the whole Stratton family!