Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I watched a couple of our friends kids this week - one so that their parents could go out and celebrate a bit event together, and another was while parents were at work. We had one of Eleanor's baby friends over for a whole day last week, and Eleanor loved  it. As soon as the baby got here, she had to put on a matching colored jacket. Then when we went outside to take a walk, I put a hat on the baby's head (it was in the 50s, but the baby didn't have any hair) and Eleanor just had to put on a hat, too. She shared toys with the baby, rocked the baby in her carseat and "basick" (bassinet), and taught her how to eat food with a fork. It was a pretty adorable day.

Eleanor has always acted like a little mommy with her doll Maynard and it was very cute to see it play out again with a real baby!


Patty said...

These pictures are adorable! I'm glad she did so well and was so helpful with her little friend!!

Patty said...

Also...that's a nice double stroller!

maggie said...

So sweet! What a great helper!