Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April wrap-up

This past month was kind of a blur! I was very busy with work, as was Chris. He was also wrapping up yet another class in this marathon degree (hopefully just one more year left..!). We enjoyed the outdoors when it wasn't raining pollen or actual rain. Our deck is still covered in yellow which needs to be remedied soon, but the overall we had a good month.

Because the weather has been a little bit nicer, I painted my toenails in anticipation of wearing flip flops soon. Eleanor was completely mesmerized and asked for her toes to be painted, too. She sat extremely still and we painted Eleanor's toenails for the first time this month.

We went out to ice cream with some friends one night and everyone brought dogs and kids. The girls ran around outside and everyone had a great time at our impromptu hang out.

Eleanor has spent lots of time at the park this month. She loves going and meets new friends there all the time.

Eleanor and Hannah started a new rap group called Two Pink Tees and have been laying tracks ever since....just kidding :)

We went to the birthday party of one of Eleanor's friends and Eleanor insisted on walking and carrying her present the entire way. She enjoyed playing with the new toys and hanging out with her friends.

On the way back from a baby shower for a friend, Chris' car engine overheated and I had to pull off to the side of the road and have Chris come out to rescue me with water for the radiator. It was quite a bummer! The car seems to be functioning fine now...we'll see soon though as we have to get both cars inspected again this month!

Eleanor has been much more insistent about what she wears everyday. For example, the other day she wanted like 6 bows in her hair and would not go outside without all of them. Unfortunately some of the things she's been insisting on lately aren't as benign as bows, so she's definitely starting to enter the tantrum phase.

Eleanor started playing "hockey golf" with Chris in the backyard. We have little foam golf balls but no golf club for Eleanor so she uses her hockey stick instead and it works just as well.

Eleanor has also been more curious about what's inside of things, so she often empties her diaper bag and my purse onto the floor. Here she is after emptying my work bag, playing with my stethoscope.

We went out to Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant in the area, to celebrate the success of One Tribe, One Day and Eleanor housed some salsa.

The potty is always a source of fascination with Eleanor. Neither she nor I am ready for potty training, but she is loving sitting on her potty. Neither of these pictures are staged, but here is Eleanor reading a paper, and playing on a borrowed Leap Frog computer on the potty.

Early in the month, Eleanor took a spill on the bridge in our front yard and cut up the inside of her mouth, scraped up the outside a little, and gave herself a fat lip. It was a little bloody and unfortunate, but she dealt with it fairly well. Related to mouth issues, she has also been teething her canines this month. Three have already broken through and one is just below the surface. She is extra clingy and whiny while she is teething, but overall she has been very good humored. I am impressed because I hear these teeth are some of the worst.


LA-jan said...

Wow, she's looking so grown up, especially with the pigtails going to the party!

Dorothy said...

Can't wait to see see more of the Twp Pink Tees!👭

Patty said...

Absolutely love all the pictures!! And the pigtails!

maggie said...

omg painted baby toes! What a sweet girl and great photos!