Monday, July 6, 2015

June wrap-up

June was a wonderful and relaxing month for us. It was also terribly hot. At the beginning of each week I would check the weather to see what the least hot day would be to try to go to Busch Gardens. The hottest day we would often end up at the pool, and rainy days we would try to get a play date together with friends at someone's house. We've spent the last two months mostly at home and we've got a few trips planned in the upcoming months, so it will likely be a bit busier.

Eleanor loves to climb into her car seat all by herself these days. The other day, Chris let her out in the garage to climb into her seat and when he came out to strap her in, this is what he found.

We take lots of walks around the neighborhood these days and Eleanor is making me proud by some of the outfits she has been choosing lately.

Thankfully we only had a couple of all day rainy days and just about everyone I knew was as stir crazy as me. Throwing all the kids together to entertain themselves for a play date is a wonderful way to combat the stir-craziness.

One day on a particularly rainy day, Eleanor ended up going through four pairs of pants and we ended up having some hot chocolate as a treat in the afternoon to warm up and dry off.

We have spent at least one day a week at the pool because it has been so hot! So far Eleanor has gotten very brave and enjoyed the water. It's been a lot of fun!

Tropical Smoothie had their annual free smoothie day to celebrate national flip flop day. Eleanor got a junior size smoothie and drank the entire thing herself.

Eleanor went to her first movie in movie theaters a week or two ago. It was a kids matinee and she definitely thought it was a bit more interactive than it was. About 15 minutes from the end she started waving and saying "All done, go home" so I'm not sure how much she enjoyed it, but we lasted the whole time.

I have been baking a lot with blueberries ever since we went picking, so we have been enjoying lots of blueberry snacks, particularly breakfast-related.

We went to craft time at the library the other day and Eleanor truly enjoyed it! She keeps talking about the library so we will have to head back soon.

We also went to visit Chris at work to see his new office that he moved into this month. Eleanor was fairly well behaved but we still didn't stay too long because it was close to nap time.


Dorothy said...

So nice that you all have so many friends and kids to spend the summer days with. I like the look of Chris's new office building! Hope he does too!

LA-jan said...

That is a lot of kids she gets to be friends with!!
That looks like a fun filled month!

Patty said...

You are so blessed to have so many friends for Eleanor and yourself!!