Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy due date!

Tomorrow is Jane's official due date, and as of then, she will have been with us for two full weeks.

She is doing fairly well - starting to become more alert the older she gets, which is wonderful because I don't have to spend quite as much time waking her up and trying to feed her. Last night she actually woke up twice on her own without alarms between the hours of 9p and 9a! Eleanor seems to still be doing well with the transition. Her favorite phrases right now are "it's okay, baby Jane" and "I wanna hold her!" Sweet girl.

We are obviously still adjusting. Chris went back to work last Wednesday and today is the first day we haven't had visitors/helpers with us. That being said, I was able to successfully get myself and both girls out the door to drop Eleanor off at Mom's Morning Out (a pre-schoolish style program at our church) this morning by 9 am. Eleanor was dressed, fed, and had bows in her hair (!!) and Jane was none of the above. We've still got a ways to go, but I will count that one as a success.


Dorothy said...

You look fantastic! So glad that Jane is waking on her own. That must be a good sign. Congrats on the successful morning. Fingers crossed for more of those ahead! While I know you loved the help, I bet you and Chris will enjoy a few moments today without visitors!

maggie said...

Congrats for what sounds like a great start to the day! I'm so impressed!

LA-jan said...

What a great start! That must feel good!
I love the due date picture!

Patty said...

I bet by now you've got this! I can see in the pictures that her face is already filling out some more! Love her and can't wait to get back down!