Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumpkin picking

We went on our annual pumpkin picking trip with friends this past weekend. We took the ferry over to Surry to go to College Run Farms - the same patch we've gone to the last two years. Of course, this was Jane's first boat/ferry ride (as it was Eleanor's two years ago).

Eleanor spent the entire time in the patch running up and down the rows. She was so tired when we got home that during lunch, she stopped eating and said, "I take a nigh-night now. That's a good plan" and asked to get down and go to her room.

We let her pick her own pumpkin and then picked up one for us to carve.

We also made sure to get homemade pumpkin ice cream. Since this is where we go for strawberry and blueberry picking, too, as soon as we pulled up Eleanor started saying, "I ceams, I ceams!" - her word for ice cream.

We also corralled all the kids for a picture and then the grown-ups, too.

We had a great time, as we do every year!


Dorothy said...

Love these annual fun days! Great pictures!

LA-jan said...

Fall fun! Love it!

Patty said...

Love these pictures! You are so blessed to have so many friends and children right there!!

maggie said...

What a great trip! E looks so sweet sitting on that pumpkin with a big smile!