Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall babies

While I was pregnant with Jane, I had a couple friends who were also pregnant and due around the same time. In fact, there were four of us that were due within 9 weeks of each other, so it made for a very busy fall! It was so nice to have other moms pregnant at the same time - we could commiserate and take turns chasing each others' children when we weren't having a great day. Because of their birthdays though, some of them will be in different grades once school starts, which it just crazy to think about because they are so close in age. We ended up having two boys and two girls between us, and on a random Tuesday morning got all the babies together for a picture after the last of the four was born - something we had talked about trying to do while we were still pregnant. There are lots of other babies in the group, but they are a few months older or not yet born - our community here is expanding quickly!

11 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks, in that order! Jane is the baby in red (in case you can't tell!) and looks so big compared to the two on her right.

A picture of the babies with their older siblings:

And then just the older siblings:

It was a short but chaotic get together, but well worth it to get those cute babies in a picture!


LA-jan said...

Love this post! How wonderful to have that much fellow mommy support together!!

Dorothy said...

I love this post too! So cute and nice to have many friends the same age!

maggie said...

This is so sweet! They will be such great friends for years to come!