Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Town 2015

The last two years we got season passes to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, but we had so much going on this year that we decided not to. We knew we wouldn't really be able to take advantage of it, but then this last weekend before Christmas we had an open evening with no plans and decided to go. As soon as we walked into the park with all the lights, I remembered just how much I love Christmas Town. It truly is magical, and I feel very much in the Christmas spirit as soon as we get there!

They had a new show this year featuring Olympic medalist Elvis Stojko. It was called 'Twas That Night and was an ice skating show loosely based on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It was a fantastic show, and Eleanor was completely mesmerized from start to finish. Eleanor also kept reaching over and putting her arm around Jane :) :) It was so sweet!!
(Eleanor entranced)

We also went to Gloria, the Gospel show, which we go to every year. That one was wonderful, as always. Eleanor got very into clapping! Her favorite show, though, was Scrooge No More, which she loved last year, so I was really pushing to try to get her there this year, too. The music is fantastic, and the story is acted out as much as it is sung, so Eleanor could really follow it as much as she does.

Besides the shows, we took a ride on the carousel, the Roto Baron, the Lil' Clydes, and the balloons. 

We bundled up in the cold and enjoyed the lights, the fake snow, and the Polar Pathway. Eleanor did not like the polar bear bench this year. I couldn't tell whether she was just tired, or if she thought the polar bear was real and was afraid. Either way, she wasn't having it. We also watched the tree light show near the Fest Haus.

I think I might have to add this back to our "must do" list during the Advent season...I am so glad we were able to go this year again! 

Merry Christmas!


LA-jan said...

So fun! That would even put Scrooge in the Christmas spirit!

Dorothy said...

It looks beautiful!