Thursday, December 31, 2015

December wrap-up

We filled this month with Christmas activities and things to get ready for Advent. What a fun month to have a two year old!

Chris spoke at Tribe Fellowship early in the month - the theme was Emmanuel, God with us. The girls and I were able to go after I got off work that night and be did a great job!

We've taken advantage of some awesome weather this month and taken lots of walks outside in the neighborhood.

Speaking of awesome weather, the most perfect afternoon we had was on a day that was overcast and drizzly. Around 4:30, it got partially clear, was crisp, cool, and everything was tinged with a golden light. The most spectacular rainbow I'd ever seen was outside! I honestly can't recall a more beautiful 30 minutes outside than that afternoon. 

Eleanor just adores her sister, which has been wonderful.

Eleanor was invited to a friend's birthday party earlier this month. Her friend is older, and it is just so adorable to watch her idolize her.

I set Jane down for tummy time when I had to go grab Eleanor who was waking up from her nap. When I came back in the room about 90 seconds later, Jane had spit up and rubbed her face all over it. She was pretty mad and it was pretty gross. And yes, I cleaned her up right away.

I took Eleanor to watch her friend in a play this month, and she loved it. She kept asking whether she could go and sit on the stage.

Eleanor likes to sit up on the counter in the morning when we get her breakfast ready. I came into the room to witness this...she had decided she needed to pump like mama. Hah.

Jane is still swaddled at night, but maybe not for much longer...

The big girls in the neighborhood decorated cookies together one day. Eleanor then licked all the icing and sprinkles off before eating the actual cookie.

I have pictures from our trip up to northern Virginia for Christmas break that I will share later in a Christmas post, but otherwise we are looking forward to 2016! Happy New Year's Eve!!


Dorothy said...

What a great month! I love all the pictures of Eleanor with her friends. That rainbow was beautiful! Awesome year!!

LA-jan said...

this is a great tradition you do reviewing the year!

maggie said...

Loved all the warm weather and getting those kiddos outside - that rainbow photo is just perfect!