Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well it's a bit late, but I only just caught up on Christmas last week. We had a great New Years celebrating a bit early at a friend's house. We actually ended up heading home before midnight because the girls were (predictably) tired and getting punchy and I had to work the next morning. I think this may be the first year I haven't stayed up until midnight in quite awhile!

Like our New Years Eve celebration (low key and ending on the couch in sweatpants), my goals for 2016 are similar. I want to read - not more, just on par with last year. I want to put down my phone - not always, but just enough. I want to invest in relationships - within my neighborhood, our community, and our families. I want to work to live - just as much as I have to in order to do the things we want to do. I want to acquire less - and even more than that, I want to pear down what we already have. I also want to consume what we already have instead of that which we don't yet have. I have specifics in mind in all of these areas, but again, no big goals, just small and manageable ones to keep myself accountable and on track. We don't have anything big planned this year, and after a big year last year, I felt it was appropriate to take this year to rest, relax, and reset priorities.

Happy 2016!


Patty said...

Such a sweet picture. I love your goals and totally agree with putting down my phone. I would like to be not so attached.

maggie said...

Happy 2016! Such a great collection of cute kiddos. I love every one of your goals.