Thursday, January 21, 2016


The first snow of the winter season is always a big deal for us because it could possibly be our only snowfall. We have lucked out the past couple years getting at least a couple inches a couple times each season, but we are certainly not guaranteed that. That being said, we got about two inches of snow over the weekend and despite having fevers and sickness that weekend, we celebrated and went out to play! Almost nothing can make us miss taking advantage of a snowfall.

The first thing we did was bundle up to head outside. Eleanor has snow bibs this year that we bought second hand, and we were so happy that they actually came in handy.

Eleanor loved the snow this year.

This was also Jane's first snow, and she was rather indifferent. She didn't stay out too long, but seemed to be okay with what she was exposed to.

Eleanor's favorite parts were sledding in the front yard (Chris pulled her around) and building a snowman, which she unsurprisingly named "Olaf."

She did not, however, enjoy making snow angels. She didn't fuss, she just wasn't into it.

We loved getting out there with the girls and are hoping this isn't the only snowfall of the year!

The aftermath of playing in the snow:

The rest of that day we spent hunkered down indoors, and sure enough, as soon as the sun came out, it started! We still had a bit of snow in our yard a few days later, but we are hoping for more snow soon!


LA-jan said...

Fun snow pictures! I love Olaf, just her size!
Sounds like you won't have to wait long for more snow with a Blizzard predicted this weekend!

Patty said...

These are beautiful pictures! E looks so pretty and colorful in her snow gear! And, Chris, you are a great dad!!

maggie said...

Looks like fun - and I'm sure you all had a blast in the recent snow blizzard as well! Good thing you got that snow gear :)

Dorothy said...

Great pictures!

Dorothy said...

Great pictures!