Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bounce House

A few weeks ago Eleanor was invited to a birthday party at the Bounce House - a big warehouse style place with tons of inflatables inside. Unfortunately, the party was cancelled due to one of the snow storms and Eleanor was disappointed. That week, pretty much all of our activities were cancelled, so I ended up taking Eleanor to the Bounce House during the week instead.

Of course, she found a basketball hoop and spent much of her time in that inflatable "passing" and "shooting hoops."

There were lots of big slides which gave me pause at first, but Eleanor came up with this roll maneuver where she would go down on her bottom feet first, and then spin onto her belly by the end so she would slow down a bit.

It was a blast, but a little challenging with Jane in tow. I told Chris that I thought she would have a little more fun with him (or just with someone who didn't have a baby attached to them) to help on some of the bigger inflatables, so Chris and a friend both took their daughters back after dinner that night. Eleanor is quite daring so she is not satisfied to stay in the 2-5 year old inflatable area. I actually had to go into one of the obstacle course ones with Jane attached to me in the moby to teach Eleanor how to scale the tall wall so she could get down the slide at the end. After showing her once, she was able to do it completely on her own. There were still a couple things though that were just a little too high for her to climb up on by herself. The passes were good for the entire day, so she got two visits for the price of one.

It is a great winter activity since the roads were still icy in our neighborhood and we were feeling cooped up inside.  Eleanor drank about half of my water bottle that holds 750 mls during her time there, so next time hopefully I'll remember to dress her in cooler clothes regardless of the outdoor weather.


Dorothy said...

What a fun place to visit. I am not surprised that Eleanor wanted to try it all. She is a daring one!

Patty said...

That's my girl! She'll be on coaster soon enough. I would love to see Chris and Hawley on those inflatables!!