Thursday, March 31, 2016

March wrap-up

March - half the month was cold, half the month was hot. This is the month that can never seem to make up its mind, which makes dressing everyone quite a task every morning. 

We've had lots of sister snuggles this month. Eleanor really feeds of Jane whenever Jane smiles or laughs at her.

Here is a picture of Jane with one of her sweet friends who was born only 6 weeks after her.

One morning Chris went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and came back out to this. I guess Eleanor decided that Jane wanted to wear bunny ears

Eleanor has been asking grandma to read her books on FaceTime.

Jane's eyes seem to start to be changing colors - not sure they'll be blue much longer!

The girls took their first bath together, which neither one enjoyed, don't let their smiles fool you.

This sweet girl may be Jane's favorite person when she pays her some attention, as you can see by the smile on her face.

Jane celebrated her first St. Patrick's Day!

We went to a track meet to play with our neighbors and Eleanor had fun until she didn't, haha. Story of her life!

And Jane finally had her 6 month check up at the doctor. Eleanor came along and was very well behaved. She pretended she was the doctor doing her check up on the computer while the doctor was out of the room :)

Speaking of warm weather, Eleanor decided to go the the beach on our driveway the other day. She saw her beach chair, asked to get it down, then wanted to put on her life vest and "swim." Chris was a good sport, but it was definitely a painful swim :)


Dorothy said...

Love these updates. So sweet that Eleanor excited by her sisters smiles. Aren't we all???

Lauren Hall said...

Too many cute pictures to handle! I love that Grandma reads to E on FaceTime :)

Patty said...

Adorable pictures! Love Jane's sweet smiles and Eleanor's big ideas!! And Chris is an awesome dad for swimming on the driveway!