Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring is coming

Last year after a few years of semi-neglect, our yard got completely out of control. We had to do tons of work to even get things in decent shape, so this year we decided to get after it early so that hopefully all we will have to do is maintain. It turned out to be a pretty decent weekend for yardwork...kind of rainy and cool so not too much sweating, interspersed with some sun so we could actually get stuff done. We started with getting mulch down. We got I think three yards, dumped it in the driveway, and it only covered our front beds. We will have to get at least another three or four for the back.

Our weeds were so bad last summer that we found snakes out in Eleanor's play area among them. Not cool. This year we are hoping to avoid that. Chris mowed, put a bunch of stuff down on the yard, and ran a lot of yard-related errands, so after another weekend or two of getting stuff done outside, we should be ready for spring!


Dorothy said...

That looks like a lot of mulch!!! I have to get busy on my weeds too.

Patty said...

Yay for spreading mulch (our turn comes next week). Love all the rain pics with the boots and umbrellas!