Thursday, May 26, 2016


Eleanor started going to gymnastics a month or two ago and has really loved it so far. The downside is that our house has turned into a jungle gym and I feel like I constantly have to watch her or she pulls up a chair behind the couch, tries to climb over the back of it and do somersaults off the front into the coffee table (this exact scenario happens frequently). Otherwise, it has gone great and so far it has really helped with her listening and following directions which is an area she struggles in.

Her favorite parts are the balance beam, jumping into the big pit, and getting stamps on her feet at the end of class. 

So far she is really loving the class, learning, and mostly listening and following her coaches' directions. 


Dorothy said...

Little E is growing up!!! This is great!

Erika Garber said...

Brave girl!

Patty said...

Eleanor looks like she really enjoys gymnastics! Go Eleanor!!