Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day

This year we didn't have any plans for Labor Day because I generally pick that day as my summer holiday to work. We were all very pleasantly surprised though when I called in that morning and they said they didn't need me! I was on call in the morning and then free for the rest of the day. We decided to use the day to go to Busch Gardens one last time for the official end of the season since Chris and Eleanor's passes expired on Labor Day. It was probably the most crowded day I've been this entire summer, but we went with friends and had fun.

We got Eleanor measured on the way in and I don't know whether it was a generous measurement or a different pair of shoes, but they measured her as tall enough to ride Grover's Alpine Express - the kid roller coaster that we have snuck onto once before and since been kicked off of every other time this summer. She was thrilled.

We also watched the Sesame show in Sesame Forest where I learned that sweet Jane is terrified of the characters. I wasn't even watching for the tears because Eleanor has never had that issue, but our girl was shaking and crying while standing and watching in the stroller. A lady in front of me actually tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she was upset because I couldn't see her face and I just assumed she was enjoying it. She did watch the rest of the show from my arms and didn't seem to mind from that vantage point.

Later that night, we realized everyone in our small group was free so we got together and had pizza at our neighborhood park together. I think we would have planned something a little more elaborate for Labor Day with a bit more advance notice but I thought I was going to be working so this was a bonus day for me!

Happy Labor Day and hello fall!


Dorothy said...

So nice to get those surprise bonus days of time with family instead of a day at work!! Love it!!!

Patty said...

Eleanor's happy face on Grover's it!