Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leesburg after surgery

After Jane's surgery on Wednesday, Eleanor, Jane, and I headed up to Leesburg to be with my mom because she had surgery on her arm scheduled for Thursday. We helped her get ready for surgery and made dinner for a couple nights while she was at the hospital. 

We tried to be as helpful and unobtrusive as a 3 and 1 year old could be. We were glad we were able to come up and be supportive and helpful for a few days during her surgery and recovery. The furthest we made it from the house was to the local park, but we were able to meet up with Shug once, too while we were there!

The rest of the time we just spent at the house either eating (blueberry pancakes for breakfast), or playing (on the rocking horse, with the xylophone, etc.).

Eleanor even put on a nice little percussion show for us...

My mom's friend Dave treated us to Halloween cupcakes one night, which was a huge hit with Eleanor.

By the weekend though I was completely beat. The first half of the week had been very stressful for me prepping for Jane's surgery and dealing with finding last minute care for Eleanor that spanned odd hours where most people are still sleeping, and the second half the week was just very physically and mentally draining making sure both of my post-op patients were comfortable, fed, and well cared for without Chris as my back-up. As soon as I got back to Williamsburg, I dumped the girls on Chris and slept for a long time!


Dorothy said...

Katie, you were more helpful to me than you can imagine. Thank you for taking the time to be here and for answering all my questions and caring for me every step of the way. I know how exhausted you must have been. Surgery is always scary and you made it much less so. Jane and I both made it through! Thank you!!!

maggie said...

So happy to hear the patients are all doing well! Glad you got a well-deserved nap!

Patty said...

Amazing how Dorothy was out and about so soon after surgery. What a blessing you could be there Katie!