Monday, November 7, 2016


The post is a bit late because Chris and I took a vacation (more on that soon)! We had a great Halloween with the girls and were actually able to trick-or-treat TWICE. Colonial Williamsburg and Mars hosted trick-or-treating in the historic area during the weekend of Halloween and on Saturday night, we got tickets and went. The girls wanted to wear their dirndls for Halloween so they had similar "costumes."

We decided to stop in front of the Governor's Palace to take a couple pictures with friends who had tickets the same night we did.

The decorations downtown were great! There were zombies riding their skeleton horses, ghosts, spooky skeletons, and a giant monster at the Capitol.

The best part though was the trick-or-treating. The girls didn't have to go too far as it was all set up in the Revolutionary City part of Colonial Williamsburg and was a small loop. Everyone was sitting outside so it was very easy for small kids.

Eleanor hit all the stops, but Jane even got in on the action for 3 or 4 stops.

On the actual night of Halloween, we dressed up again for neighborhood trick-or-treating.

We met with the neighborhood kids at our neighborhood park so they could all show off their costumes.

The original neighborhood crew:

And lots of the neighborhood families, some of whom we see at the park all the time and some of whom we don't know well yet!

We were able to get a picture of all our small group kids together, too:

And then it was off to trick-or-treat:

The girls are such a fun age to be celebrating this holiday...Happy Halloween!


Dorothy said...

Those dirndls dresses are so sweet. Love the look on E's face in front of the giant monster mansion. Looks like the girls has a great time.

Patty said...

Such great pictures and great costumes! Love E's braids and jane's pigtails. The beer Steins were brilliant!!