Thursday, June 1, 2017

May wrap-up

Between all of Chris' travel this month, the girls and I mostly stayed home. We weren't up to too much, but had a good time around town. All of our school year activities came to an end though and we are looking forward to a less structured few months of summer that will hopefully involve lots of water!

We went to story time at the library.

We had lunch with new friends - a friend invited us over to introduce us to her new neighbors. They had kids around our age and the girls enjoyed getting to know some new faces.

We wrapped up small group for the spring. We will likely get together a few times over the summer, but will keep things casual until the school year starts again next fall.

We had dinner with sweet friends who will be moving away this summer. These girls have had a very special relationship and while we are excited for their new changes, we are so heartbroken to see them go.

Chris' parents recently wrote their last tuition check as his sisters graduated college this spring, and here is Chris, writing his first for Eleanor's preschool in the fall. We have many years to go!

My girls like to be silly in the shower.

Jane has been reading to her stuffed animals at night - it's so cute!

I still love when my big girl cuddles with me after her nap time - Jane never will!

Gymnastics is still happening, though not for much longer! We will likely keep going through June, but with trips in July and August, and then Eleanor starting school in September, we will likely stop soon.

Somewhere, Eleanor learned her numbers! It is crazy. I have no idea where she picked them up, but one day she just arranged all the numbers in a row on the refrigerator and Chris and I were shocked!

We've enjoyed being around town much of this month and are looking forward to a summer filled with lots of water activities and not much else!


Dorothy said...

Cute picture of Chris starting the school payments...a long way to go! Sweet Jane and her reading is so cute. Great job for Eleanor and her numbers!

LA-jan said...

Ya, what she said! Ha, great post!

Lauren said...

Looks like it was a fun month! Definitely laughed at the picture of Chris and the first school payment. With her learning her numbers on her own, maybe she doesn't need school! ;)

Patty said...

Love every picture! You capture family memories so well. And Chris with the tuition check...yep, there will be a lot! But it will be over in a blink of an eye...or at least it will seem that way when you're our age!! <3