Monday, July 24, 2017

Eleanor and the diving board

Eleanor has been making progress at swimming lessons this summer. The biggest thing for her right now is just getting really comfortable in the water. She learned to put her head under first, and then started opening her eyes under water, jumping in off the sides of the pool, and picking things up off the bottom of the pool. She still isn't actually swimming, but has made great strides this year and I feel like if we are able to continue going swimming consistently (indoor pools during the winter) she will be able to swim soon. It just hasn't clicked yet. Anyway, she got so comfortable last week that she asked to jump off the diving board! The first attempt she made, she ended up standing on the edge of the board for almost a full minute - you can see how nervous she is! Then she jumped off twice more right away and wanted to continue, but Jane was getting upset so we had to call it a day. I am so proud of the progress she has made this summer. She is generally afraid to try something new, but still wants to do it and then almost always loves it (the complete opposite of Jane).

And here's a video of Eleanor on her favorite slide at Water Country, the Little Bopper. She goes down this, swims out, and then runs right back to the top, over and over for an hour until I told her we had to go home for naps the other day!


Lauren said...

Way to go Eleanor! Seriously, she's doing such a great job! So proud of her :)

Dorothy said...

Great job Eleanor! Fun!