Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jane is sick and grandma visits

Little Jane ended up getting sick earlier this month. The sweet thing ended up so exhausted that she was falling asleep all over the house at random times in random positions. Besides the extreme tiredness, a fever, and no appetite for a few days, she actually fared fairly well. We just made sure she was in bed early each night and got adequate nap times during the day. Here are a few pictures of Jane sleeping around the house:

During this week and a half or so of sleepy Jane, my mom came down to visit! She ended up staying for two nights because we told her it was our anniversary the following week and she offered to watch the girls so we could go out to dinner. Grandma and the girls had pizza movie night on the floor and Eleanor got to introduce grandma to the new Beauty and the Beast - her current favorite.

Thanks for coming grandma and we're glad you're feeling better Jane!


Lauren said...

Poor Jane!! Those smiles in the last picture though <3 <3 <3 So glad mom could come down, wish I could have been there for pizza movie night - I've been wanting to see the new B&theB!

Dorothy said...

Sweet pictures! So glad Jane is back to her smiley self again!