Thursday, August 3, 2017

Eleanor learned to swim!

Well it doesn't look super pretty, but Eleanor learned how to swim the last week in July! It was my goal to get her swimming this summer, but as she wrapped up taking lessons and we were about to be heading on the road for our vacation, I kind of figured it just wasn't going to click for her this year. I know three years old is still a bit early to learn how to swim, but with a couple babies on the way, I wanted her to have that confidence in the water before I had my hands even more full next summer when she will be four. We had still made huge progress as she got way more comfortable with the water, but she just hadn't started doing any real swimming yet. Then we went to a friend's neighborhood pool with them one Sunday afternoon and took Eleanor into the deep end and she just started launching herself in between us swimming from me, to Chris, back to me again! By the end of the day, she was jumping in off the side and swimming to us. I was so impressed! I knew she would be able to do it if she could just work up the confidence (as is the case with almost every situation with Eleanor) and sure enough, she did. We are going to have to keep her going the rest of the summer and through the fall/spring so she still has this confidence by next summer! Go Eleanor! 


Patty said...

Way to go Eleanor! So proud of you. (Im sur ethat water was warmer than ours!)

Dorothy said...

Awesomeswimming and not yet 4 years old!