Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lorton weekend

Last week we headed up to northern Virginia to visit Chris' family. We were going to be heading out of town to California to visit my sister but wanted to spend some time hanging out with his family on the way. We went up Friday after VBS ended and then ended up having a pizza-movie night at home because of thunderstorms (though we had initially planned to go in to D.C. for an Army chorus concert). Chris' brother had come over for the evening and we had fun hanging out and catching up with everyone. We were able to get out right before the deluge started for a walk around the neighborhood.

The next day the girls had a blast playing with the neighbors who were all outside playing around the cul-de-sac. Both Eleanor and Jane got a ride in one boy's car, which Chris was sure to watch closely ;)

Chris' sister and brother-in-law came over later that afternoon and we made a southern feast of biscuits, mashed potatoes, and baked fried chicken courtesy of Jonathan. It was absolutely delicious. We also had some of the chocolate ice cream the girls had churned with Gaby the night before.

Sunday morning we went to the neighborhood pool so Eleanor could practice swimming a bit, but because of the rain the two days before, both Eleanor and Jane thought the water was a bit too cold and didn't want to swim for very long. They will get plenty of pool time though when we head to the beach in a little while! Overall we had a great time spending the weekend at Gaby and Papa Laser's house! Thanks for having us!

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Patty said...

Always grateful for every opportunity we get to spend with all of you!