Monday, November 20, 2017

Ben and Rosie's birth story

Benjamin Leo and Rosie Marie were born on November 9th, exactly one month before their official due date of December 9th, at 35 weeks and 5 days. We were hoping they would make it until full term at 37 weeks, but I had a feeling that may not be likely as they grew bigger, had less space, and I grew more uncomfortable.

On that Thursday morning, I started having contractions that were consistently occurring, but irregular. When they didn't go away after a couple hours, we texted our moms just to give them a head's up that we may be needing them to come down at some point, but that I would keep them updated. By early afternoon, the contractions had slowed down to over 30 minutes apart so even though the office had called to say I should go into the hospital to be checked, I decided not to go at that time. Later that afternoon, contractions picked up a bit again, but they weren't very strong. I called Chris at work though and asked him to come home to watch the girls so I could head in to be checked just so we wouldn't have any middle of the night surprises. I had taken the girls on a walk around the neighborhood with our neighbor friends so when Chris got home around 4:30 we were all outside playing. Our neighbors offered to watch the girls so Chris could come to the hospital with me and in hindsight, we are very glad they did! We ran home, packed a quick bag with almost nothing in it because we assumed we would be home in an hour or so and headed off to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 5:30 and they hooked me up to fetal monitoring in triage. While they were monitoring me for about a half hour or so the contractions really picked up and I started thinking that even if we still got to go home for a bit, we may be back soon so we started texting the moms again. Meanwhile the doctor came in and did a brief ultrasound determining that both babies were in fact still breech. Then she checked me and I was over 4 cm dilated and 70% effaced and all of a sudden it was go time. She said we'd have to do a c-section within the hour especially given my history of fast labors. We called our moms to tell them to come, called our neighbors to say we wouldn't be home tonight and asked them to stay with the girls until one of the grandmas got there, and meanwhile nurses were coming in starting my IV, hanging fluids, and doing admission paperwork. Anesthesia came in (my favorite anesthesiologist from work! I was lucky!) and went over labs and consents. The next thing I knew we were rolling down the hall to the OR.

In the OR I got a spinal, which was a little nerve-wracking for me, but ended up not being so bad. As soon as I was numb, the c-section started. Ben (baby A) arrived at 7:53 pm weighing 5 lb, 9 oz. The anesthesiologist (who has four boys himself) told us what he was and I was completely shocked. I thought if we had a boy, it would for sure be baby B. We got to peek over the drape at him before his sister arrived. He did fairly well for being a month early, but then we had to battle low blood sugars for the first 24-36 hours. Rosie (baby B) arrived three minutes behind him at 7:56 pm weighing 5 lb, 4oz. She needed a little bit of assistance breathing at first so was whisked away to be put on CPAP (still in the OR). Chris was able to then go over and hang with the babies and take pictures while they started stitching me up. I had a bit of hypotension during the c-section and it was occasionally hard to breathe given that most of my accessory muscles in my abdomen and above were paralyzed. Overall the c-section was much less personal than a traditional delivery and the recovery has been harder, especially having two other kids who weigh over 30 pounds a piece. We were so thankful though for two healthy babies, no NICU stays, and that Ben and Rosie were able to come home with us the same day we left. Both babies left the hospital with high bilirubins (we had to bring them back to get rechecked the next day) and with about 10% weight loss (which we will recheck at their next doctor's appointment), but they are eating well, sleeping decently, and seem to be getting gradually less yellow.

My mom and Dave were able to swing by that night on their way into town to see the twins and then Eleanor, Jane, and Gaby came by the next morning. On Saturday, Papa Laser, Shug, Uncle Robert, and Mollie were all able to come down. The girls were so excited to meet their new siblings and that excitement seems to have continued through their first few days of life, for which we are very grateful! Eleanor keeps telling me, "I want 60 babies! Four is not enough!" But she is having fun being the big sister and holding her new brother and sister. Jane immediately claimed Rosie as "my baby" and Ben as "Eh-na-na's baby."


In the OR:

The twins:

Eleanor and Jane visit:

Shug, Grandma, Dave, Gaby, Papa Laser, Robert, Mollie visit:

Our family:

First night home:


Lauren said...

Aww that put tears in my eyes! I so wish I could have been there, but I can't wait to meet them soon. I'm so glad everyone is healthy and doing well! You have a beautiful family. Congratulations! I love you sister.

Dorothy said...

This is such a beautiful story of Ben and Rosie's arrival! It all happened so fast. These pictures are fantastic -- just moments old in the OR!!! So amazing. I am so very happy everyone is healthy. My heart is bursting! Congratulations!!!

maggie said...

So thankful that everyone is doing well! Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us - we love you Ben and Rosie!