Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

This year we got together with our small group friends in a big open room at our church to ring in the new year early. It was a very simple and last minute get together - my favorite kind! We ordered pizza and sat around while the kids played. After a bit, we put on a Netflix new years countdown (at 6:30 pm!) and then everyone headed home to put our 13 kids four years old and under to bed. Our small group had 7 kids at the start of last year, and 6 born this year - we almost doubled in size. With 6 kids under 1, this will probably be the earliest New Years Eve we'll have. These get togethers will be more and more fun the older this crew gets!

We're looking forward to a much less eventful year. Chris doesn't love the concept of resolutions or goals so when I ask him if he has any at the start of each year, he often shrugs his shoulders. I, on the other hand, don't necessarily love resolutions, but love goal setting. I like to write them down and check in at least once or twice during the year to see how I'm doing. This year my goals are centered around two concepts: less consumption (media, television, goods...not necessarily food, though!!!) and more organization (to reduce stress and simplify our day to day lives). Here we go 2018!


Dorothy said...

Happy New Year! Great goals! Simplify is always a good one...though I don't always make it happen:)

maggie said...

So many kiddos at that party! Looks like a great celebration - happy 2018!!!