Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chris's Food Woes

The other night we made cookies because we wanted something to eat for dessert. Chris's mom didn't want any baked goods in the house before the wedding because she said then she was tempted to eat them.. so I jokingly suggested to Chris that he should lick them all and then no one would be tempted and he DID! He went over to the cooling rack and licked all the cookies! gross.
Then the next morning we were making coffee and it came out as tinted brown water instead of actual coffee. We didn't know what we had done wrong until Chris realized he had forgotten to grind the beans and just put them in the coffeemaker whole, not as grounds :)


jenster said...

haha wow. those are both AWESOME stories.

Lauren said...

that's all funny and great but if he does that to my cookies, no one will be laughing.