Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Course: Course 1 at Foxborough Pines

Checkpoint 1: From behind the bed in the guest room upstairs to the trashcan in Lauren's room.

Checkpoint 2: Out of Lauren's room through the hallway to the white bin in my room.

Checkpoint 3: Out of my room, down the stairs, hit the umbrella stand in the front hall (Whitney and Chris got holes in one on this one!).

Checkpoint 4: From the front hall into the living room, around the couch, hit the medicine ball in the dining room.

Checkpoint 5: Out of the dining room, through the kitchen (optional: through the book tunnel, if you make it you take a stroke of your score. Eric was the only one to make it!), into the family room, hit the practice putter machine in front of the fire place.

Checkpoint 6: Out of the family room, through the wooden bars, into the corner (must hit at least one wall) under the coffee pot in the kitchen.

Checkpoint 7: Into the hallway (may use the phone book to bank), down the basement stairs, into Eric's room, hit the scale.

Checkpoint 8: Out of Eric's room, through the tv room & through the weight room, into the storage room, hit the solo cup hole. DONE!


Lauren said...

umm correction! on checkpoint 5 i totally made it through dead man's corner too!

jenster said...

oh wow i wish i was there to play!

Stina said...

haha omg that's sounds like so much fun!

ashley said...

it is things like this that make me so so so happy to be your friend :)