Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2

Budget Truck had a truck for us on Wednesday! It was a relief after we called the day before to confirm our reservation and they told us we would need to call at 8am to make sure they actually had something for us. After the fiasco of not getting the truck in May, and already having driven down to Williamsburg, I was not okay with the fact that we only might get the truck. (For those that hadn't heard, we reserved a truck the week after graduation, but the place overbooked and we never got it!) But everything went off without a hitch! Hawley came over in the morning to help load up all the furniture, and then we hit the road to the apartment, then to Ashburn to drop off Christina's stuff, and finally back home for showers. It was a long day!


Lauren said...

dang, look at that tetris-style packing! impressive!

Stina said...

Thanks again so much for hauling all of my crap to me!! You are both awesome, and I'm loooving having my big bed back!