Sunday, September 14, 2008

D.C. United

A friend gave us two free tickets to the D.C. United game last night.
I've never been to one, so I was pretty excited. Outside RFK while we were waiting for the tickets we ran into Allison and Bill! I haven't seen them in about a month, so it was fun/random to see them. Our seats were really good and we were given tons of free stuff! They gave us hats, t-shirts, and towels.
The soccer game was so much fun! D.C. United scored two goals, and every time they scored, the fan section pulled up a huge jersey and a huge flag across the stands and started waving them.
We played FC Dallas, but unfortunately the match ended in a draw. The FC Dallas players were such fakers when they got hurt!


Dorothy said...

How do they get the big banner over all those people!?! Meeting friends & getting free stuff - nice night!

Lauren said...

i was wondering the same thing! how do they do it so fast? do they just pass it back? i've never been to a soccer game!

Katie said...

yeah, it's laying on the ground in front of the stands, and after they score, people on the side run up and pass it to the front row and the stands just pass it back until it's unfolded. It only takes like 30 seconds, it's amazing! and me either.. that was my first game

jenster said...

wow that sounds like a lot of fun! and cool you ran into bill and allison!

Stina said...

i LOVE dc united games! two of my co-workers were at that game too!