Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disappointing Effort

Five thoughts about the Skins' opening-night loss:

1. Offensive line - Please block the people in front of you.

2. Antwaan Randle El - Don't leave until the ball is snapped.

3. Defensive backfield - Please stop getting run over and tackle somebody.

4. Jason Campbell - Stop staring down your receivers.

5. Jim Zorn - Your hair looks like an eighth-grader's.

The Good News:

It's only one game, we can get our act back together and get ready for the Saints. I have faith in our staff and our players and I think we'll have a much stronger showing in 10 days. It can't come soon enough.


Lauren said...

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume this is Chris. At least you got to watch the game... I don't have cable :(

john hall said...

Several Additional Comments:

1) Leron Landry, please file out a police accident report - I believe the license plate of the vehicle that ran you over was #27.

2) Reed who? Lord, do we miss Sean Taylor.

3) Mr. Snyder, please, please quit laying out millions of dollars on popular has-beens. I thought we learned our lesson with Jeff George and Deon Sanders?