Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We like to try new recipes, but since we both work and are starving by the time we get home, we need really simple/easy ones to make. Tonight we made homemade mac' and cheese. It was delicious.
I know all of you who read this eat dinner, too. And, a lot of you work relatively the same hours! So let's hear it. What do you make for dinner that you can share with us? We'd love to try it!


Lauren said...

spaghetti or ramen!
tonight i actually made pasta salad though

Dorothy said...

we had mashed potatoes, salad and left over beef loin roast.

LA-jan said...

Terry's go to for quick and easy is pasta either frozen ravioli from Trader Joe's or fresh refrigerated pasta from most grocery stores with sauce from his favorite Italian deli. Easy and delich. . . just add salad and bread.