Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Video Shoot

This morning at work, we happened to look out the window and notice all of these scantily clad women in halloween costumes hanging out near the gazebo. Well, we took a walk around the area they were filming and talked to one of the camera guys. Turns out some company was shooting a video for new "adult" halloween costumes! I googled the scene and found a listing on Craig's List for women to be subjects of their video today in Great Falls. They women were to submit pictures and whoever was picked got paid $100 and got to keep the costume! This continued basically all day long with costumes from french maids to little red riding hood, to witches, etc. Just getting into that Halloween spirit!


Lauren said...

ew i'm sorry you had to see that at work!

jenster said...

huh. looks like you can find just about anything on craig's list these days