Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reasons I'm Annoyed at Verizon's Fios

1. They held a townhall meeting a few weeks ago to tell us that Verizon was coming to install Fios Thursday in our neighborhood. We did not attend. They posted a notice in the hallway then removed the memo on Monday (so I thought it was cancelled).

2. I ran into a neighbor in the hallway on my way home from work Tuesday who "reminded" me (though I had never been told!) that we were supposed to turn in a key to the office so Verizon could get into our apartment. Oh yeah, and we were supposed to clean out the front hall closet. Now if you've never seen our front hall closet, it's HUGE and PACKED. I mean, there's a dishwasher in there for goodness sakes! And, if I had not run into her, was no one going to tell us? I mean, we can't be expected to go to townhall meetings when they're at hours which we cannot attend.

3. We did this (turned in the key even though we didn't have an extra and are now down one and cleaned out the closet by emptying it into the middle of the living room).

Now for the kicker..
4. We can't get our key back because the office is only open from 8:30am to 5pm (hours which we are at work) and...

5. They didn't even install Fios in that closet!!!! I came home and all my clothes were in disarray, my shoes were moved out all over the floor, and sweaters were just tossed on the bed. And one of the bars in my closet was removed and laid on the floor. They installed the thing in the bedroom!

and finally...
6. THE WATER WAS LEFT RUNNING IN THE BATHROOM!! Umm. How do you forget to turn off the bathroom sink?

So yeah, I'm annoyed at Fios, and we don't even subscribe to it!


jenster said...

oh wow that is so frustrating! but im going to show my ignorance here...what is fios? and why did they have to install it in your apartment?

Lauren said...

that's so lame! i'm so sorry!

Dorothy said...

oh i am sorry! that was way too much of a pain for something you aren't even going to subscribe to!