Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day Map

I definitely wanted to take advantage of free things people were giving out yesterday for having voted. Chik-fil-a was giving out free sandwiches at some locations, but not in DC. So here's what my path looked like:

1. Arrive in line at Key Elementary School to vote
2. Go to Court House Metro
3. Arrive at Farragut West Metro
4. Arrive at the office
5. Go to Starbucks to get free coffee for voting
6. Arrive at the office
7. Go to Krispy Kreme to get a free doughnut for voting (also check Ben & Jerry's on 19th Street for a free scoop but they are closed for the winter. How can you offer a free scoop to everybody who voted but be closed for the winter? I smell a scandal.)
8. Arrive at the office
9. Go to team happy hour at Rumors and watch the first results come in
10. Arrive at the office to pick up stuff
11. Go to Farragut West Metro
12. Arrive at Courthouse Metro
13. Arrive home.


Lauren said...

i got a free sandwich from chick-fil-a yesterday!

Erika said...

i knew that you posted this chris, before i even got to the list of places you went. you would take advantage of free food.

Chris said...

Fact. Every time I would.

LA-jan said...

Taylor got his Starbucks and now is bummed he missed out on Ben & Jerry's.

Liz Ketner said...

wow, i had no idea about all the free stuff! i actually voted early about 2 weeks ago and didn't have to wait at all, so i highly recommend it if you can

Dorothy said...

I never got my free coffee but it sounds like it was a fun day.

Katie said...

I didn't get anything free all day either!

Stina said...

sounds like a great day at the office! i got free starbucks too...but none of the other freebees!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

In Dahlonega, Georgia, Shane's Rib Shack offered 3 chicken tenders, fries and 20 oz. drink for free. So, I definitely took advantage of that great offer.


jenster said...

wow i just read this post today. you are an election day inspiration. remind me to come along with you in 4 years