Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FreeCreditReport.com Rankings: #4

Here is your 4th place commercial:

Music: This one is super catchy, and I like that. It kind of reminds me of Ben Lee, who I like enough to have paid $20 to see him at the Kimball (and got a free 92.3 tide fm t-shirt, a hot dog, and some cake - what a deal!) This song puts me in a good mood hearing it, so I think that makes it a pretty solid song. Grade: 8/10

Lyrical Creativity: This one starts off talking about sky-rocketing gas prices and how he needs to get a bike because of them. The whole eco-friendly theme is cool, but I think this one is no longer on TV because gas prices are wayy back down now. So now that this is the case, these lyrics are moo. After that, he goes on to do the whole spell it out thing, which just isn't that creative anymore. Also, in our previous two videos, a kid got a credit card with the singer's i.d., and his girl didn't tell him she defaulted on a credit card, neither of which were his fault. Now all the sudden, our hero just has bad credit all by himself. A hero of mine no more. Grade: 3/10

Visual: Pretty high marks on this one for the visual. He's wearing a helmet, so although we shouldn't follow his financial example, he certainly knows his bike safety. I also like the buggy that the bass player is being pulled in, because my mom used to have one of those for the twins. Good times. And any time a bike parade is involved, well that's just a good thing. My only drawback on this one is why is the crossing guard lady so mad? My first thought was because she was holding up the stop sign in his direction and was mad that he was crossing, but a girl clearly goes running right by her as well, so this theory is no good. What is she so angry about? Grade: 7.5/10

Overall Grade: 18.5/30



Rob said...

I feel as though a bonus point should be added for the American Flag flying high, and cops on razor scooters. Other than that.....sweet bike video.

jennie said...

can i just say i really like this series. a lot.

Michael said...

These are brilliant. My internet is down in my apartment, so I'm in the library now, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to get kicked out for laughing so hard. Kudos.

Jessie said...

wow...these are some interesting comments! WELL...question, do u always refer to ash and i as the twins??