Thursday, February 26, 2009 Rankings: #3

Your bronze medalist:

Music: I love me some punk rock music. It's just a fact of life. You all know that Relient K is my favorite band. So in terms of music alone, it shouldn't surprise you that this one ranks very highly for me. Grade: 9.5/10

Lyrical Creativity: When you have a punk rock song, the words move alot faster and you can find out a good deal more information, which I appreciate here. We soon find out that they are at a renaissance fair, which is "a place where (his) credit could stink." But is a renaissance fair such a bad thing? Me thinks not. Another nice touch is paying homage(6:18 - 7:16) to the original commercial, using a pirate hat as a cymbal. The main drawback in this section is similar to video #4, where our singer appears to have gotten himself into credit trouble again, which takes him down a notch in my book. Grade: 7/10

Visual: They commit nicely to the renaissance theme, which I appreciate. The costumes are good, and I especially appreciate the use of live animals throughout the song. Also fun are the guest musical appearances by somebody playing what looks like a fife, and a guy playing a lute. However, I think the lute player is wearing a baseball hat. That my friends is quite the anachronism. Also, the angry crossing guard lady from video #4 shows up again, and she looks more annoyed than Paul Rudd. What is her deal? Grade: 6.5/10

Overall Grade: 23/30

I hear that some people haven't been able to comment on these posts. What's up with that?


Katie said...

I know I was bitter about having to go see Role Models, but it was so good, and that clip made me want to go see it again!

jennie said...

so i like this commercial ok (like being a relative term of course when it comes to these commercials) but what i don't like about this commercial is the end where he bites his lip and makes a face like "i'm the man and the song is awesome!" it's a bit creepy

Chris said...

First off Jennie, I know you really do like these commercials. But you do make a good point. I didn't even notice that lip bite and so I went back and watched it and sure enough he's just chewing away. I'll be on the lookout for that from here on.

Patty said...

Chris, these posts are brilliant!

Patty said...

Ha ha! Look, I'm commenting again!!