Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FreeCreditReport.com Rankings: Champion

Your gold medalist:

Music: Catchy catchy catchy. All there is to it. We got the white guy doing a little bit of rapping and also some singing, almost like Mat Kearney. (That's his new one - you're welcome) But it's up-tempo and fun, and I like it. Grade: 9/10

Lyrics: I know I ragged on him from another video for doing the whole spell-it-out thing, but this time he keeps it short and to the point, and he even tells us what he's spelling out for emphasis. He really didn't have to do that, but he's a nice guy. Huge bonus points in this one for use of the phrases "whack," "looking fly," and "rollin' phat." Reminds me of this guy. Also, the words to this song will be stuck in your head for a long time. And I think that's a good thing. Grade: 9/10

Visual: I really like what they do in this video cause it reminds me of myself a bit. Instead of driving a sweet convertible or SUV, he's rolling in a used sub-compact:

They're also way over crowded in that thing, and that's very reminiscent of winter break of my freshman year, when I was the only freshman basketball player with a car, so all 5 of us large individuals would pile into the White Lightning. Somebody always had to ride in the trunk. I can also appreciate him stalling out while trying to impress some ladies at the stop sign. I was pretty bad at driving a stick shift when I was learning. Major points for this video reminding me of my past cars. Grade: 8/10

Overall Grade: 26/30

There you have it. Your #1 FreeCreditReport.com commercial. This was the third commercial in the series, and normally the third of anything stinks. Exhibits A and B. But this one is that rare gem that really stepped up it's game. Thanks for following along everybody. Hope you enjoyed these.


Maggie said...

love this one... and this series in general! sad that there are no more :( Great posting!

jennie said...

wow i didn't even remember that commercial. why do they play the lame ones so much and the good ones so little? and shoo i didn't even know there was a home alone 3. it's probably better than way. i'm with maggie- good series. well done

Patty said...

Ah, a good one, Chris. Loved your references to your personal life! I still get a pang in my heart when I see the White Lightning on that tow truck - it was a sad day, indeed. And, the White Lightning was definitely cooler than this guy's car!

Rob said...

I wish we still had the white lightning! I'd be racing it at old dominion speedway this summer if we did, in the UCar class :)