Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Sweet Sixteen Update

Hey guys! It's been a great weekend of some really exciting games and we finally have all the brackets in. Heading into the sweet 16 which starts on Thursday, the standings are:

1. Christina Casares 52
2. Chris Dias 51
Ashley Kramer 51
4. Robert Stratton 50
Jennie Thollander 50
6. Chris Stratton 49
Erika Stratton 49
8. Katie Stratton 48
9. Liz Ketner 47
Bob Stratton 47
Patty Stratton 47
12. Alex Heacock 46
Ashleigh Stratton 46
14. Eric Hall 45
15. Lauren Hall 44
16. Maggie McDonald 43
17. John/Dorothy Hall 41
18. Eileen Duris 37
19. Kayla Locklin 35
20. Jessica Stratton 31

Christina moved up to the top of the standings after correctly picking 15 out of 16, but a lot of people are right on her heels. The next update will be Friday night once we're down to the elite 8. Good luck!


Liz Ketner said...

wow i'm impressed with the large pool we have this year! well done, stina! right about now i'm really missing w&m basketball games and the dash for cash. those were the days.

Rob said...

can we get a possible points left update? or should i just wait till friday night?