Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digging up trees

This past weekend the Stratton men got together to uproot and replant a tree. It was quite the experience. First they tried yanking it out by attaching a chain around the roots, which didn't work. The last resort was going to be attaching the chain to the neighbor's truck and driving it out, but fortunately Robert jumped in the hole, braced himself against the house and they managed to tip it over and get the thing out. It was really fun to watch and obviously I got a lot of fun pictures out of it :)

Robert in the hole:

The boys, with hatchets, spades and shovels in hand, very proud of their accomplishment:


Erika said...

i like the one of dad sitting and drinking a beer while robert and chris do all the work!

jennie said...

ya those pictures are great. i agree with erika. the first picture is excellent.

Patty said...

Well, regarding that 1st picture, it was staged. What people don't know is that Dad spent a minimum of 2 hours the day before digging the whole around the tree! But I thought they were all so funny.