Sunday, May 3, 2009

D.C. Serv-a-thon

On Saturday morning Chris and I participated in D.C.'s annual serv-a-thon with Navigant. We were kind of excited because we thought we were going to be planting trees at DC public schools. Turns out we had to weed, mulch and water trees instead - not quite as fun, but it was still a good time. Since we were technically working on the outside of the fence, they made us wear these ridiculous yellow vests (what made it more awesome was that Chris had to wear a size large serv-a-thon t-shirt because they didn't have any more XLs left!). We had a great time and got done early because so many people showed up to help. We were actually really lucky because it started raining right after we finished and were walking towards the car.


LA-jan said...

You guys are so inspiring! And that picture of Chis is priceless!

Dorothy said...

That vest looks tiny on Chris!