Monday, May 4, 2009

Suspicious Package

I've experienced my fair share of problems riding the Metro to work this past year. This morning I experienced a new one: A 'suspicious package' at my stop. Some Metro stops only have one entrance/exit. Luckily, my stop, Farragut West, has two. The suspicious package was located at the one that I use, so I was forced to exit at the other end of the station and have a longer walk through the rain. I've included a map of the experience:

My normal exit is marked with the Red x, and my office is marked by the blue x. Normally, I walk out of the station and have a nice little jaunt up 18th street to my office. Notice, however, that today, this route was located smack in the middle of what i like to call the "Danger Zone." So I exited the station where the black line starts. I tried to walk west on I street, but unfortunately there were a few policemen blowing whistles very loudly and telling us we could not walk on that block. They are indicated (not to scale) by the policeman clipart. So i then had to reverse course back out to 17th street, walk north for a block up to K street (if you're curious why it skips from I street to K street, Maggie has the answer here), then walk west on K to the office. In the end, it only lengthened my commute by about 8 minutes, so no harm done. But now I can add 'suspicious package' to the list of things to happen to me on the Metro.
Update (Tuesday): It was an empty can.


LA-jan said...

I love the graphics!

Dorothy said...

So funny - the details and the Policemen blowing the whistle is great! Hope you liked the exercise.

jennie said...

that is an impressive map! i like the "DANGER ZONE" a lot. what would have happened if there was only one metro exit? would you have had to continue on??