Thursday, October 22, 2009

As American as Apple Pie

Surprisingly, apple pie reminds me a lot of Germany, not the U.S. When I was living in Germany in 2006, one of my good friends taught me how to bake apple pie. And since apples were so cheap and we did a lot of group dinners, we made apple pie often! However, once the weather starts getting a little cooler and football comes back on tv, it's apple pie season no matter what country you live in!

Soon after we went apple picking, we decided it was pie baking time. I love baking (mainly because of all the delicious stuff you get to eat while you're doing it) so we picked out our apples and went to work.

I made the pie crust:

Put it into the pie plate and cut off all the extra sides:

Peeled the apples, cut them up and put them in the pie:

Covered the pie up and cut some holes for baking:

Baked the pie and let it cool for awhile:

And finally...we ate it!


Patty said...

Oh, now I want some apple pie! Your crust looked great!!

jennie said...

is it even on a apple plate? that would be perfect

Dorothy said...

Looks so good!

LA-jan said...

It is time for apple pie! Yum!