Saturday, November 21, 2009

Extra plastic

We had a little car incident in Williamsburg this weekend! A piece of plastic on the underside of the car fell part-way off and was dragging on the ground. Chris had to get down there in his suit to pull it off.. or I guess actually cut it the rest of the way off. We're not entirely sure what this piece of plastic does, but for now, it's sitting in the trunk of the car!


jennie said...

how big of a piece of plastic was it? stay strong red thunder!

Liz said...

maybe red thunder is so good that it doesn't even need that plastic. i sure hope you guys don't have any more trouble!

Maggie said...

oh i think this happened to dave's or someones car --- he broke it off when he pulled up too far in a parking space and hit the curb... its totally not necessary :)