Friday, November 20, 2009

Off the mark

Something is a little off today! I have accidently turned on caps lock at least three times and continued typing without noticing. I normally try to run errands around campus all at once, but today I've had to go out at four different times because I would forget something or something else would come up. A professor came up and asked me to unlock her office because she forgot her keys and I could not find mine anywhere. Turns out I had left them in the door when I unlocked my office this morning. This stuff doesn't seem like much, but they've made me feel a little off the mark all day long! It may be because I was a little rushed this morning trying to get everything together for the weekend as I headed out the door.

When lunch came around I decided to take my break in the library to unwind a bit.

Check out these comfortable and inviting chairs:

They have leather chairs with footrests for students! I remember W&M having couches to read or study on, but definitely not these chairs that you just sink into as far as the eye can see. I almost took a nap! Let's hope my little break worked out because I'm driving to Williamsburg tonight and don't want to still be off while I'm driving!


Maggie said...

those chairs look fantastic!!! i hope you had a great break and your afternoon went better. i've def had those days too

jennie said...

yeah i hate those off days! and you should prob sit in those chairs every day, cause they look amazing!

Liz said...

there is no way i could stay awake in those chairs!

LA-jan said...

Unfortunately, you get to my age and that is just like any ordinary day!