Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm annoyed. I can't upload any pictures! I even have a post already written for you all but every time I try to upload my pictures I get a little message that says [failed]. I'm giving up on it for today. Plus, I know you are all anxiously awaiting every post I put up about how awesome life is in Farmville, so I'm sorry. So much happens here so quickly that if my pictures don't upload tomorrow, too, you might miss something! Unfortunately you're all just going to have to just sit back and relax. I know, this is a tragedy, right?

I would just not post at all today, but I promised Maggie I would join her in posting everyday just for the month of November. And let me tell you - it has been exhausting!! I don't think I knew quite what I was committing to, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. Anyway, I hope everyone out there has short work weeks! I got exciting news last week from the president of the college that we now get Wednesday off, so tomorrow's my last day this week :)


jennie said...

yeah i don't think i could uphold that commitment! good for you! and yes tomorrow is also my friday. i'm really excited!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for posting every day this month. I'm try for every week, which often becomes every 10 days. HAHAHA!

Liz said...

this is indeed a tragedy. i am only comforted by the fact that i'll be in farmville in less than 2 months to see everything you've been blogging about!