Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The new biz school

I won't say much about this because many of you won't be interested, but when we were in Williamsburg last weekend, we decided to check out the new business school since neither of us have yet seen it from the inside. It was crazy! I can't imagine how much it took to build this thing. A few highlights that may be of interest:

Each door (includes every classroom, computer lab, individual study rooms, group study rooms) had a miniature TV/computer thing installed on the door. It's a touch screen! You touch the screen and it says whether the room is currently available or occupied. Another couple pushes and you can get a complete schedule of all activities for any day (scroll through the calendar) so you know when it's available for use!
Another highlight of this building is that each room and hallway has at least one flat screen TV streaming HD; again, this includes EVERY study room. One of the coolest rooms reminds me of Wall Street. There are flat screens all over the walls, floor to ceiling windows, stock tickers, and every computer has dual monitors.

Plus, the lobby is gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice, but you could seriously have a wedding reception in here.
I guess they can all thank the donors for these crazy improvements... it certainly will boost the business school in rankings!


Patty said...

That is AMAZING!

Stina said...

wow...that's intense! too bad the new school of Ed won't be that nice because teachers don't have that much money to donate back to WM!

LA-jan said...

I'm impressed. Glad you figured out the uploading of pictures thing!

Patty said...

Excellent point, Christina!

Rob said...

VERY cool! I'd like to go see those touch panels in person. I wonder if they're anything like the AMX touch panels we use here at work for operating all the available functions in our conference rooms!

jennie said...

oh wow that's awesome! go wm!!