Friday, November 13, 2009

Sideways screen?

I don't know if this has ever happened to you before. But yesterday, it happened to me. I was working right along but for some reason my computer was lagging behind. It was working so hard that I could hear its struggles. I opened task manager to try to see what was causing it the most pain to run but it seemed to be doing okay. I tried to stop typing and give it a little bit of time to catch up but it was no use. All the sudden it just gave up...or so I thought. With its last breath the screen went dark and I sighed. At least I had saved my work frequently.

But no. It wasn't done! With another flash the screen came back to life!

But something wasn't right. The computer obviously miscommunicated with the screen and I had no idea what to do. I was going to try to close down my email and restart the computer but it was difficult! Apparently the mouse had communicated with the screen because it wasn't oriented in the proper way. The mouse moved the way it should move if the right side of the computer was up and the left side was down. I knew I was in trouble. I then tried to just turn my head and pretend the bottom of the screen was actually the side (confused yet??) but I didn't do very well. By the time I navigated up to the "x" to close my email, the computer froze again.

I would have attempted googling the situation to figure out how to fix it, but with the mouse behaving improperly I just gave up and called the computing center. Fortunately this has happened to someone before (really??) so they walked me through the steps to fix it. I didn't even have to restart!


Dorothy said...

I have never seen a sideways screen like that--- good to know you can fix it!

jennie said...

that's so bizarre. who knew that could happen! and why would they make it so that could happen??