Thursday, November 12, 2009


This week Chris had to drive to a nearby state to scout a future opponent. I decided to go with him to keep him company!
He was obviously paying very close attention to the game and players. Unfortunately, one team was killing the other team from the start, so the game wasn't all that interesting. At one point I decided Chris may need some of my helpful observations, so I looked over to see what he was writing. It was something like "blah blah blah flash to the elbow blah, etc." Completely unintelligible. I read a little further and saw a lot of "reverse blah blah" and "in the lane blah blah cut". It wasn't that I didn't understand the words when you broke them down, it's just that the combination made absolutely no sense. He seemed to have everything under control.

Then I realized then that I had to amuse myself another way. I started with celebrity look alikes. Let me tell you - this game was not hard! Guess who I spotted?
That's right! Joakim Noah. See the resemblance? This dude obviously thought he was awesome to try to pull off hair like that.
After that game turned out so successful I decided to wait and see how long it would take the score to get to the next palindrome. I started at 71 - 17. Sure enough then it was 81 - 18. Then it hit 91 -19. At the end, the other team went on a little run to end the game at 93 - 25.
Hopefully H-SC will do better against them than this team did!


Patty said...

Ha! I guessed Noah before I saw the real picture! It's so interesting to see the "coaching' side of basketball. Was the "other" team really that good or their opponent just that bad??

Katie said...

No, the opponent was just that bad!

jennie said...

shoo i am just impressed with your nba player knowledge

Stina said...

seriously...i'd never even heard of this "joakim noah" guy. clearly you are married to a basketball player/fan!